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In this present times, computer technology advancements are readily apparent. Naturally, people adapt to modifications so that they will not be left out in life’s tides. One cannot change the fact that computers made a significant difference in one’s way of living.

There are a great deal of gadgets available. These can be in the form of tablets computers, smartphones, android phones, laptop computer and the likes. And for these devices to work brilliantly, one must select an operating system. Technically speaking, there are two businesses that are reigning in the OS business nowadays; these are the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Nonetheless, both firms seem to be having their fair share of the public’s interest. On the contrary, the former can just be used if you are utilizing an iPhone or any iPhone gadget, while the latter have a wider array of hardware. Therefore, it is pretty sure that Android OS offers totally new level of flexibility to its different users. To understand more about this great OS, read the following data provided below.

Generally, when one heard the term ‘android’, the first thing that enters our mind is a cellular phone or a hand device. Over the past couple of years, Android has different variations. One of those versions are ‘clair, Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Having said that, Android doesn’t stop creating new versions which will accommodate different characteristics and features.

The Android OS supports different connectivity technologies as well as gives numerous language support. You can still relish this OS considering the fact that this can support any hardware versions. Additionally, API or also known as the Application Programming Interface is a type of software by which you can get a direct access. They created various inbuilt multi-tasking choices available to users.

Virtually all the smartphone customers are even adding this one. It is simply because Android OS works well for most devices. What precisely makes this valuable to others is that these could be installed to any personal computers. Indeed, Android OS for PC is possible. The truth is, you can install it to your desktop without jeopardizing your computer hardware. By carrying out this, you can welcome Android straight from your PC. You can come across plenty of ways to get Android OS on PC that are ideal for Windows, MAC, Linux computer.

As mentioned, Android OS for PC can be installed in many ways. But among these, there is just one real method. This is the software VirtualBox from Oracle. This software program lets the users to directly install the software without booting that serves as the host OS. Well, one can just use the 4.0.4 Android OS version. It is vital that VirtualBox and your OS is a match. You can now use the Android 4.0.4 OS on your desktop computers once the installation is done. Therefore, the file size is around 88 MB file, but you can have the chance to experience a quick connection to the internet. Make sure to extract the file and look for the ‘Android-v4.vbox’ file name just after the downloading procedure is done. To finish the procedure, double click on the file and it will instantly download in your VirtualBox. Through clicking on the Start menu option, you can immediately install the software. After installing, soon you will have the Andriod for PC.